THIRD PHASE OF EXPANSION 2014 (school year ‘15-‘16)

In this phase we are “overrun” by the jointly responsibility we share with our franchised centres; since our goal of doubling the number of centres we had in the beginning has been achieved, we might as well double again the number of current centres in order to reach twice as many cities, towns and students resulting in a MAXIMUM OF 20 CENTRES.

The Headquarters, together with the Expansion Department, has committed to continuing improving our service towards franchises; one of those public committments is to recruit twice as much staff at the service of all our principals increasing the number of departments in The New Kids Club network.

We also want to let you know that, due to the demand for opening franchises both in Spain and abroad, we are going to estblish our first centres abroad, being our first stop FRANCEWe look forward to this phase as we are extremely proud of our educational pattern, which is unique in the learning language market as we do not use CDs with the children and it is so highly regarded by our European neighbours.